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Here at the Windswept Gallery we are passionate about the environment and its ever-diminishing resources, so we try ...and usually using as few new resources as possible. We strive to turn what would normally be discarded into something both Beautiful and Functional with a small amount of quirky thrown in. 

You will not get from us, something Plastic, or with huge airmiles. 

It is all created with a love of the natural, with the ability to return to the natural, using human power to create where possible. 

We hope you understand what we are trying to achieve, and are happy to come on our journey with us. 

Most pieces are totally unique because of this philosophy and cannot be recreated. This is what keeps us on our toes and our work fresh. 



Allie Scott

Working mainly in Papier Mache, with some textiles and Driftwood also, Allie has worked in the Environment field

(previously quite literally) for many years. Trained origionaly in Textiles she discovered Papier mache approx 25 years ago. She has since exibited both internationally and nationaly, has had work published via DK Books and was one of the first to show her work at The Eden Project. She can now be found scouring local beaches after a surf with Mick & running and working in the Gallery. 

She is also The Plastic Free St Just Community Leader


Mick Stallworthy

Mick can turn anything into something. 

His main passions are wood and metal so he concentrates on those mainly. His gift is seeing what most people would discard and turning that into something useful and beautiful. 

His background is many years of environmental & traditional countryside skills, which he now uses to create his unique Driftwood Furniture, quirky wooden bowls and utensils and origional repousee work. After a surf he will search the beach for materials to create his work. 

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Harvey & Horris

The true bosses..

Our vehicles are an important part of the team...Without them most of our materials would still be left on the beach. They are 58 and 54 years old and still going strong. 

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