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Driftwood coffee table handmade in Cornwall from Cornish driftwood.
Hard to think I collected the wood for this table back in the winter storms, who knows how long it had been out in the Atlantic floating around with Dolphins and whales, then one day it washes onto the beach. Slowly it dries in the sun and becomes bleached, its edges smoothed by being turned over and over in the waves.
Then I come along.....
This coffee table would look good in a cottage or beach home or even for use in the garden in the summer
(bring it in when it rains)
Has  nice bleached planks for the top with time worn ends,traces of old paint, each piece of wood has a tale to tell in its grain, wonder where it came from, how did it get into the sea?
Size is about.   26 inches long  13 inches high   14.5 inches wide.

Please note this is a lovely rustic item and will have marks and holes in the wood from its time in the ocean, thats what gives it its charm.

Driftwood Coffee Table

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